Easy integration

One, simple data format. Automated everything.

Build once to Noyo to unlock any carrier in our network. Then submit all of your enrollment changes with our “member snapshot” format and let us take care of the rest.

Every change.
Every carrier.
One endpoint.

Forget complex carrier schemas and files. Just tell us the desired state of a member or family using a standard JSON format that's the same for every carrier, we call it a member snapshot. Making one or many changes is as simple as sending a single snapshot to a single API endpoint.

Supports every scenario. Built for real-time.

Noyo synthesizes the employee’s story across snapshots to automatically determine what information needs to be sent to each carrier.

Fast, one-time integration

Most benefits software platforms are live with their first carrier in 3-4 months. Connecting to subsequent carriers only takes a week or two. Compare that to 6+ months for direct integrations and 6-8 weeks to implement an EDI file for every new group.

One standard format for every carrier

No more messy files, portals, and spreadsheets. No more tracking carrier requirements or rushing to respond to sudden updates. Noyo deals with carrier complexity and technology so you don’t have to.

All member change scenarios supported

New hire, QLE, demographic, terminations, open enrollment, and more. Making one or more changes is as simple as submitting a single API request.

Cleaner, faster data on demand

Get account structure, enrollment, and member data on-demand for any Sync connection. Use it to confirm enrollments, double-check your own data, or build a new member experience. The sky’s the limit!

Transform your benefits stack in just a few sprints

Unlock our entire carrier network, get rid of outdated processes, and start using enrollment data in exciting new ways.

The magic of Noyo is how our technology suite works together, prioritizing data quality and transparency. What would you build on top of faster, cleaner data?

If you do benefits, you need Noyo

The future of employee benefits is faster, easier, and more automated. Are you ready?