Sep 20, 2023

5 ways cleaner, accessible data is putting ben-admins in control

Carrier systems are like a black box — information can flow in, but it's difficult to peer inside and understand the state of coverage for a group or member. Here’s how ben-admin teams benefit from moving enrollment management to a unified solution.

Carrier systems are like a black box — information can flow in, but it's difficult to peer inside and understand the state of coverage for a group or member.

Without a single source of truth for enrollment data across carriers and lines of coverage, ben-admin enrollment specialists end up jumping between files, portals, and email chains to manage groups and look for the answers brokers and group admins need. It’s time-consuming, expensive, and most importantly, doesn’t scale.

A new and more efficient way of working is emerging as enrollment solutions like Noyo are making it possible for ben-admins to have full visibility and control over their enrollment and eligibility data. The result? A better customer experience and hours of saved work.

Here’s how ben-admin teams benefit from moving enrollment management to a unified solution:

1. A bird’s eye view of enrollments

Old way:

To find information on a group, individual enrollment, or member change, ben-admins must be fluent in all the custom portals and data formats for every carrier an employee might have coverage with. Since so much necessary data is trapped in siloes, ben-admins either build their own complex integrations and tools to accommodate the nuances of each carrier or they rely on decades-old technology that’s slow, manual, and expensive to manage behind the scenes.

New way:

All carrier connections are managed on a single platform like Noyo. Ben-admin teams have on-demand access to organized plan, demographic, and change information for every group, employee, and carrier, along with automated systems behind the scenes that keep that data in sync with the carrier system. This data can be plugged into existing operational tools and software, or it’s all available in an easy-to-navigate interface like the Noyo Command Center.

2. Automatically catching and resolving discrepancies

Old way:

When ben-admins are dependent on carriers to report issues, it’s incredibly hard to catch things that might impact a member’s access to care or lead to a major claims issue in time. That’s because the auditing process is only as reliable as the carrier’s ability to report data out of their system, usually in the form of an error report. These error reports are often unpredictable; they might arrive on a regular schedule, contain all the issues, and come in a human-readable format — or they might not.

New way:

Discrepancies that could impact coverage for a member or family are automatically surfaced as they happen and displayed for prioritization in an interface like the Command Center. Each discrepancy lists out the mismatches between carrier and ben-admin data, putting both versions side by side for easy troubleshooting.

3. Supercharged customer support

Old way:

Ticket triage is a highly manual process on top of EDI workflows because there’s no way for ben-admins to have visibility into the status of each member change. Support Specialists must reference error reports or log into carrier portals which can take hours, if not days to respond to a single inquiry. Meanwhile, the only way to know if an error has been resolved is to wait for the next EDI file to be received.  

New way:

After receiving a support ticket, Support Specialists can simply search for any group or member and pull up a page with all of their details — including the coverages an employee and any dependents are enrolled in along with the effective dates and near real-time statuses for any pending member changes. A detailed history of each member change is available on-demand, all in an intuitive interface like Command Center.

4. Seamless collaboration across departments

Old way:

Tracking important members and groups gets inefficient, fast, when ben-admins must jump between many different internal tools and lengthy email chains to monitor groups and members (all while being sure to stay compliant on PII). Too many silos also complicates collaboration with other departments, such as engineering, since relevant information must be searched for and found anew every time it’s needed, and engineers may not have the full context of a group, member, or carrier. 

New way:

Support Specialists can easily monitor important groups or members in one place with a tool like Command Center that allows for saved views, toggling of PII, and copy/paste of easily accessible JSON. Plus, a suite of developer tools lets engineers generate API keys for sandbox and production testing, check on test groups during the build process, and investigate enrollment issues. Engineers also have access to the same standardized data as Support Specialists, so they know exactly what to look for or do in the code to fix issues when necessary.

5. No-code workflows that empower operations teams

Old way:

Initiating new carrier connections and adding new groups to coverage are often time-consuming, tedious workflows that consume a lot of engineering and operations resources — resources that could otherwise be focused on improving the product experience.

New way:

When ben-admins have full access to a broad network of carriers, all connected in the same, standardized way, it saves significant engineering and operational resources that would otherwise need to build and maintain each individual carrier integration. Complex, time-consuming workflows such as initiating a new carrier connection, adding or removing groups, and troubleshooting issues can all be easily managed by non-technical teams using no-code workflows in an interface like the Command Center with Noyo.

Curious what else you could do with cleaner, accessible data?

Today’s consumers expect real-time answers and ben-admins should be able to deliver. That’s why we built the Noyo Command Center, a first-of-its-kind interface serving ben-admins with full visibility and control of their enrollment data, all in one easy-to-navigate place. Command Center is powered by the Noyo Enrollment Engine™ and is part of Noyo’s complete enrollment solution.

To learn how the Command Center can help you streamline daily operations and save your teams hours of work, check out the announcement blog or watch the video walkthrough.

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