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The future of employee benefits is built on trusted data that moves seamlessly. Noyo delivers the technology, automation, and tools to move the entire industry forward.

The preferred technology partner for leading insurance carriers

Noyo equips carriers to offer a modern, API-enabled experience

to HR and ben-admin platforms – no existing APIs needed.

Just getting started with your API strategy? Introducing Noyo Advisory

Noyo meets carriers where they are, guiding technical development, operational planning, and the business case for modern enrollment technology. Carriers of all shapes and sizes, including the industry’s largest medical carriers, are partnering with Noyo to expand digital connectivity faster.

Proven technology and benefits expertise

Noyo was first-to-market with an API solution for enrollment and eligibility. Today, Noyo is pioneering the industry’s first proven, measurable standards for the modern enrollment experience, accelerating innovation for all.

Moving the industry forward

Noyo sits on the LIMRA Data Exchange Standards Committee (LDEx), leading the way toward a more open and connected benefits ecosystem.


The developer experience you’ve been waiting for

"snapshot_mode": "current_open",
"employee": {
  "custom_individual_id": "1",
  "classifications": {
     "BranchName": "HQ",
     "Department": "Sales"
"employment": {
  "employment_status": "full-time",
  "occupation": "Senior Analyst",
  "hours_worked": 50,
  "salary": {
      "amount": 155000,
      "unit": "annual",
      "type": "salary",
"effective_date": "2022-10-01"
"employment_dates": {
  "hire_date": "2022-10-01",
  "full_time_start": "2022-01-01"
 "person": {
       "first_name": "David",
       "middle_name": "A",

REST-based with OpenAPI 3.0

One integration; many carriers

Comprehensive API and standardized data model

Crisp, robust API documentation

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The future of employee benefits is faster, easier, and more automated. Are you ready?