Jun 13, 2022

9 new consumer solutions getting modern insurance right

Consumers are crying for better ways to experience their benefits. Here’s a look at nine innovative, new solutions that we’re excited about at Noyo bringing a fresh perspective and a consumer-first approach to the insurance game.

Tim Cerimele

We’re always on the lookout for those standout customer experiences. The kind that are so frictionless, that you feel energized to use that product.

Usually, the best experiences are from brands in the retail, finance, food and beverage, or travel spaces who have mastered the art of the omnichannel journey. They let customers purchase however and wherever they like, delivering a simple, quick, and friendly checkout.

At a time when 73% of ecommerce transactions are done on a mobile device, an astonishing 30% of employers are stuck using paper-based systems to administer benefits while 64% rely on slow, error-prone flat files like EDI 834. The latter represents today’s standard "best in class" methods, but all too often fall short of powering the kinds of experiences customers have come to expect.

Consumers are crying for better ways to experience their benefits. Meanwhile, insurance providers are scrambling to adopt new technologies to keep up — usually by investing in modern user experiences and API infrastructure behind the scenes. Luckily, a new generation of consumer-driven benefits products and providers are moving quickly and showing the market what’s possible with more dynamic, personalized benefits and seamless distribution. They may look, act, and even be insurance carriers, but that’s no longer a requirement to enter and compete.

Here’s a look at some of these innovative, new solutions we’re excited about at Noyo bringing a fresh perspective and a consumer-first approach to the insurance game.

XP Health

Founded in 2019, XP Health makes it easy for employers to offer high-quality and complete vision care through their seamless online vision platform. Everything from in-person eye exams to buying personalized eyewear online can be managed through their app.

What makes XP Health stand out:

  • AI-powered care assessments

  • 24/7 concierge team

  • 3 benefit credits per year for eyeglasses and contact lenses

  • +72 NPS

Sana Benefits

Founded in 2017, Sana Benefits offers modern benefits packages for employers that cover a wide array of plans. Leaning toward small business use, Sana offers a fresh take on benefits management with a friendly user experience for employers, members, and brokers alike.

What makes Sana Benefits stand out:

  • PPO plus network lets employees keep their preferred doctors

  • Concierge service over email, chat, or phone

  • $0 virtual doctor’s visits

  • 40+ NPS (4x that of legacy carriers)

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Angle Health

Founded in 2019, Angle Health delivers comprehensive insurance packages for startups and technology companies in a simplified way. The company’s fully digital platform enables automated onboarding that lets users enroll in minutes and navigate their benefits with confidence.

What makes Angle Health stand out:

  • Simple, easy-to-navigate plan design

  • 24/7 access to integrated telemedicine experience

  • Instant pricing for employers and automated onboarding

  • Dedicated care team available 7 days a week

Brella Benefits

Founded in 2019, Brella delivers fast, affordable supplemental health insurance through a single plan. Focused on keeping healthcare deductibles within the financial reach of everyone, Brella helps employers and employees alike ease the financial burden of unexpected health issues.

What makes Brella Benefits stand out:

  • 100% paperless implementation, enrollment, and admin

  • Covers 13,000+ injuries and illnesses

  • Claims paid in hours, not weeks

  • Dedicated Concierge throughout membership

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Founded in 2020, Level makes paying with company benefits as simple as a tap or swipe. Through the Level Card, dental, vision, and other kinds of company funds are brought onto a single card, giving members enhanced control over their insurance and perks.

What makes Level stand out:

  • 0% paperwork

  • Easy-to-use app

  • 4 hours claims processing

  • 20% average employer savings


Founded in 2015, Lensabl gives consumers premium lens replacement options for their glasses frames and contact lenses, all delivered straight to a user’s door. Their prices stay lower than most retail optical stores, thanks to quick, smooth connections to a variety of vision plans.

What makes Lensabl stand out:

  • 70% savings on average compared to opticians

  • Online eye exam in 10 minutes

  • Contact lens subscriptions

  • Direct-to-consumer custom vision plans

    Poppins Health

    Founded in 2019, Poppins Health empowers small businesses with a high quality health plan that delivers savings and comprehensive, connected care with transparent pricing for employees. Members can manage their plans easily through the Poppins Health app.

    What makes Poppins Health stand out:

    • $0 deductible and coinsurance

    • 100% transparency on out of pocket costs before care

    • $0 co-pay options and same-day appointments

    • Ancillary benefits include dental, vision, fertility, and behavioral health

River Health

Founded in 2019, River Health is an affordable monthly subscription benefit plan for individuals and businesses. With plans starting at $35 per employee per month, River Health helps small businesses like restaurant and cafe owners to offer comprehensive primary and behavioral care that’s tech-first.

What makes River stand out:

  • Unlimited virtual care

  • $0 doctor’s office visits

  • Affordable prescriptions with free delivery

  • 150+ payroll integrations


Founded in 2020, Liferaft provides highly customizable supplemental insurance that easily pivots when a user switches jobs or faces major health hurdles. Cash payments and reimbursements in case of emergencies provide an extremely versatile safety net for buyers.

What makes Liferaft stand out:

  • 1-minute quoting

  • 100% digital experience

  • 1% of revenues donated to abolishing medical debt

  • Streamlined broker dashboard and tools

It’s time for all carriers to embrace a tech-first approach

Today’s consumers don’t want to deal with tedious plan details and frustrating manual processes. They want simple, technology-driven solutions that make their lives easier and help them take care of their physical, financial, and mental wellbeing. 

One of the most important steps carriers can take to meet these changing expectations is to invest in the data connections that employers and brokers need to install, enroll, and administer benefits. After all, nearly 80% of employers would switch carriers because they aren’t user friendly, and 60% would prefer carriers who connect to their HR software over price.

If old systems are holding you back, or the API you already use is limited in one too many ways, talk to our team. We’ve enabled seamless API connectivity for leading insurance carriers and benefits software platforms across the industry and would be happy to help.

If you do benefits, you need Noyo

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