Nov 3, 2022

Ameritas delivers modern insurance technology with Noyo

Ameritas is connecting to partners faster and offering brokers and employers a better experience with fewer errors on top of the Noyo platform. Here's how.

Ty Gowen

Offering dental insurance since 1959 and vision insurance since 1984, Ameritas supports over 11 million people in the US and Mexico with affordable dental, vision, and hearing benefits. Boasting one of the largest dental networks in the nation, a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has helped Ameritas rank among top dental providers year after year.

The challenge

Today’s insurance carriers have more choice in strategic partnerships than ever before. A fast-growing ecosystem of hundreds of benefits technology solutions are now available to employers and brokers, all with a similar goal: to modernize employee administration with digital-first tools. But using outdated forms of data exchange makes it hard for many carriers to integrate quickly with these technology providers and realize a better customer experience.

Driven by a commitment to making benefits less complicated and more fulfilling for its customers, Ameritas wanted to gain the flexibility of application programming interfaces (APIs) without having to overhaul existing systems.

APIs are widely accepted as the best path forward because they are automated, fast, accurate, and flexible across use cases. However, until APIs are widespread, EDI still remains the main method of data exchange for policy administration. Ameritas’ progressive strategy was to leverage API technology without having to overhaul all of their existing systems.  “An API strategy is the great equalizer,” says Jake Bendler, director of national accounts at Ameritas. “You get fewer enrollment errors and greater visibility into your data with a one-time integration, plus minimal connection management compared to EDI.”

The solution

Backed by deep insights into customer needs, Ameritas chose to partner with Noyo for fast, safe, API-powered integrations. Getting up and running was easy for Ameritas, thanks to our creation of a customer connection that works with the company’s existing system and database. As a result, Ameritas was able to go to market with a full suite of APIs for managing eligibility in just 90 days. Ameritas gained a speed boost in other areas too, with Noyo able to create accurate reconciliation reports in as little as one hour.

Thanks to Noyo’s benefits data platform, Ameritas is able to integrate faster and more easily with partners who might have many different methods or timelines. As a result, customers enjoy less manual work in enrollment and benefits administration, as well as a faster and more accurate experience. And Ameritas saves time and resources.

The impact

Today, Ameritas manages hundreds of thousands of lives through Noyo with most member changes processed in four days or less. Strong, fast connections with the benefits software their customers love helps Ameritas deliver even more value for employers looking for the best insurance experience. And now that partner integrations and eligibility management are taken care of through Noyo, it’s easier for Ameritas to seamlessly participate in new opportunities like PlanSource’s innovative Boost Program.

"We count on reliable, accurate eligibility and policy administration. With Noyo, these processes just work, freeing up our resources to focus on building new products and capabilities." -Jake Bendler, Director of National Accounts, Ameritas

Noyo’s Sync technology  flags data issues, confirms member changes, and enables proactive auditing between the ben-admin and Ameritas’ system, so brokers know that member data is accurate and current. If issues are identified, Noyo delivers standardized, easy-to-use reconciliation reports in as little as one hour.

So what’s next for Ameritas? Looking toward the future, the company is investing heavily in deep analytics and insights about client needs and expectations. These insights will drive product creation, customer service, marketing, and more. Using Noyo’s benefits data platform, Ameritas can leverage the data to measure key aspects of eligibility and enrollment. With Noyo, Ameritas is going to market with a unified API strategy that drives growth and improves the customer experience today — and paves the way for a whole new level of analytics, insights, and innovation tomorrow.

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