Apr 19, 2023

Inside Noyo: Advocating for the customer's voice

Noyo’s CX Associate, Lauren Granada (she/her) bridges the feedback gap by providing our users with the resources they need to have their questions answered and their voices heard. Here's a look at her experience at Noyo.

Clear communication between developers and users is an important aspect of successful software. The back end needs to understand the pain points of the front end to create the best experience possible.

But between programmers and users lies a wide technical divide — and questions and concerns can easily get lost when pushing the next big update. Inaccessibility, resources, and even timeliness can mitigate both the quantity and the quality of feedback that makes its way back to dev-ops teams. Designating a mediator that understands both sides of the development equation goes a long way in making sure the final product stays effective for everyone.

Noyo’s CX Associate, Lauren Granada (she/her) bridges the feedback gap by providing our users with the resources they need to have their questions answered and their voices heard. Lauren has been an integral part of our team since December 2021 and continues to establish herself as a trusted partner and representative for all Noyo users.

What is your role at Noyo and what's an exciting, challenging problem you're solving?

I am part of the Customer Operations team at Noyo and I work as a liaison between our internal teams and external customers. I communicate with our customers daily and provide solutions to any issues and questions. I also work closely with our Operations, Engineering, and Product teams to advocate for our customer’s voice.

What did your path to Noyo look like?

I’ve actually just reached my one year anniversary with Noyo. And during that time, I’ve been able to build relationships across all our medical carriers, platforms, and self-billing partners. I’ve also been able to collaborate with our internal teams on various projects and process improvements.

What excites you most about our industry, our product, or your role in general?

I am most excited about delivering solutions to our clients. It's exciting to be part of a technology enterprise that makes a significant impact in the insurance industry. 

What is something unique that Noyo does in how we work together?

I love that Noyo fosters a collaborative and empowering environment. Questions are always encouraged. I also feel that I can freely express my ideas and collaborate with anyone within Noyo. 

How have you personally, or professionally, grown at Noyo?

This role has allowed me to grow professionally in many ways. My leadership promotes career growth and empowers me to align my interests in my daily duties. I’ve been able to collaborate on technical and leadership projects. I was also able to take the “SQL for Data Science” course with other Noyo-nauts and achieve a certificate with Noyo’s sponsorship.

What’s your favorite Slack channel?

We have a “Kids of Noyo” Slack channel, and it’s my favorite! I love seeing everyone’s kiddos throughout the seasons of the year and locations across the world. I am also a proud mom and it’s just so relatable! I love collaborating with other Noyo-nauts and being able to connect as a parent.

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