Aug 24, 2022

Inside Noyo: Finding the right words to say

Clear-cut communication is the cornerstone of good product marketing. Here's how our Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nicole Shelby, helps our solutions shine to current and prospective customers. Plus, what she loves best about working at Noyo!

{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"value":"Every marketing team needs people who genuinely care about communicating their message in the most clear, concise, and strategic manner possible.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"value":"Clear-cut communication is the cornerstone of good product marketing, whether it involves branding, copywriting, reaching out to the press, or even recruiting prospective hires. But out of all of the skills required to perform these tasks, the ability to pivot and stay agile when confronted with new experiences is perhaps one of the most important.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"value":"Marketing is a discipline that can take on many forms. At Noyo, we know that a desire to thoroughly understand the product and all of the moving parts that shape it into a reality can produce an outreach that is effective, elegant, and compelling. Building a team that isn’t afraid to try new things and venture into unknown territory is therefore essential.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"value":"Noyo’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Nicole Shelby (she/her) keeps her books open for new experiences every day. She’s been on the job since May 2020, and while she primarily helps us create a product image that resonates with Noyo’s audiences, she truly wears many hats. Here’s her take on her time at Noyo, as well as why she believes API connections are something to get excited about.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"What is your role at Noyo and what's an exciting, challenging problem you're solving?","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"heading-3"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"I am the senior Product Marketing Manager, which means that I work with our Product and Sales teams to develop external messaging, market positioning, and sales strategies for Noyo’s products.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"One of the exciting, challenging things I’m working on right now is our developer experience. As an API company, we want to make it as painless as possible for our clients to build to our endpoints, so we are constantly thinking about how to design our documentation and onboarding materials to get customers up and running fast. I’m working with a cross-functional team to examine our current process and make it even better!","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"What did your path to Noyo look like?","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"heading-3"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"In college, I thought I would be an editor at a big publishing company! I’ve always been a language lover and figured I would work on books for a living. I did actually do that for a while, but then I got the opportunity to project manage a marketing team and that was much more fun. I moved into Product Marketing specifically because I love taking complex problems or concepts and translating them for wider audiences. Really good marketing comes from elegant, efficient use of language, which is an extremely difficult thing to achieve!","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"What excites you most about our industry, our product, or your role in general?","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"heading-3"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"I love the possibilities that Noyo’s product represents. As we’ve seen in other industries, digital connectivity opens the door to a million other innovations, some of which we can envision now and some of which will be completely surprising. I love that Noyo is at the center of that for employee benefits, so we have the added bonus of helping people access healthcare or financial products that really make a difference in their lives.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"What are the top 3 reasons you stay at Noyo?","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"heading-3"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"My work is interesting and challenging – and there’s always something new to do! I get to work on lots of different projects with different people and teams, so I’m never bored or wondering what to do next. Some days I might be working with a developer on technical documentation, and another I might be planning the go-to-market strategy with a new client. This also means I have many opportunities to stretch myself and learn new skills, so I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a marketer during the past two years at Noyo.   ","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"}],"nodeType":"list-item"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"The Noyo marketing team is a fantastic group of people! We’ve been careful with our hiring and have grown the team very intentionally, which has resulted in a cohesive department where we’re each other’s biggest fans. I am constantly impressed by the talent, creativity, thoughtfulness, and kindness of our team, and I’m so grateful to them for all the support and collaboration over the years.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"}],"nodeType":"list-item"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"Noyo’s culture is really something special. It’s a relief to work for a company that values its employees as ","nodeType":"text"},{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"value":"people ","nodeType":"text"},{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"– this looks like respect for work/life boundaries; concrete policies around inclusivity; openness and transparency at the leadership level; and respect for the very many ways that humans show up in the world. Our People Ops team makes it easy for anyone to be involved in creating the practices that shape our culture, which has led directly to a supportive and positive atmosphere.  ","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"}],"nodeType":"list-item"}],"nodeType":"ordered-list"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"How have you personally, or professionally, grown at Noyo?","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"heading-3"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"At Noyo I’ve been lucky enough to get exposure to many different kinds of marketing. Because we’re a small team, I’ve handled event planning, partner marketing, press and media relations, sales enablement, and even employer branding for recruiting. Each of these areas, while technically outside the scope of a Product Marketing role, has helped me grow professionally and given me a deep understanding of how each piece of the marketing puzzle works together to produce results.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"What does success look like in your role, what skill set is most useful?","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"heading-3"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"Success for me is all about our customers: are we closing lots of deals and are our customers thrilled with Noyo? At its core, effective product marketing means clearly articulating the value of our products and connecting those messages with the right people. Skills like writing and communication design, creativity, and empathy are all key to understanding how to craft the right message for the person who needs to hear it.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"What’s your favorite Slack channel?","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"heading-3"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"We have a lot of great channels, but I think #watercooler is my favorite because of its unpredictability. It injects some randomness into the day and is especially fun when an unassuming post evolves (devolves?) into an extremely in-depth discussion.   ","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"value":"Excited about the applications of API connectivity in the insurance space? Want to be part of a fast-growing team that’s trailblazing every day? Check out our openings ","nodeType":"text"},{"data":{"uri":""},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"underline"},{"type":"italic"}],"value":"here","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"hyperlink"},{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"italic"}],"value":"!","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"}],"nodeType":"document"}

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