Jan 27, 2023

Inside Noyo: Shaping the customer journey

Every customer embarks on an adventure when they enlist new software solutions to supercharge their operations. With Noyo’s API, we want this journey to be streamlined, effective, and above all, exciting.

Sharing our own enthusiasm with our customers is an important stage of the onboarding process. Noyo contains the power to revolutionize the way traditional benefits are handled, and each new user should receive a warm welcome when they decide to upgrade their systems to the age of modern insurance. Planning a customer route that provides the full picture of our API’s value is an aspect of our process that is both beneficial for a smooth transition and ever close to our hearts.

Noyo’s Senior Associate of Customer Onboarding Terrance Bortell (he/him) takes great pleasure showcasing the ins and outs of Noyo’s product to new customers. Terrance has been with Noyo since February 2022 and is passionate about ensuring a user’s first steps with our benefits data platform are steady and comfortable. By keeping the lanes clear of confusion and ambiguity, Terrance guides our customers across wide and level roads to success.

What is your role at Noyo and what's an exciting, challenging problem you're solving?

My role at Noyo is a Senior Associate on the Customer Onboarding team. Our team leads the onboarding/implementation phase of a customer’s journey to making benefits frictionless. I work closely with multiple teams across the Noyo organization to ensure that our customers and their own teams see the value that Noyo provides quickly and efficiently. 

One of the most exciting yet challenging problems I am solving is modernizing an ecosystem that has been around for many years. Technology has advanced so quickly that the benefits industry has struggled to keep up with it. That’s why I was excited to join Noyo: to help revolutionize the industry!

What did your path to Noyo look like?

My path to Noyo started on LinkedIn. I spent many years working in the payroll and benefits industry for companies like Paylocity and Proliant. A recruiter for Noyo reached out to me, and after a few hours of researching Noyo and its mission, I was pumped to be a part of reshaping the insurance/benefits industry.

What excites you most about our industry, our product, or your role in general?

What excites me most about our product is that we are solving a decades-old problem with our API infrastructure. As someone who has personally experienced an access-to-care issue, I know how valuable our product is. I have heard so many stories about people seeking care for themselves or their families before being turned away because the outdated technology behind their enrollments didn’t process soon enough.

The Customer Onboarding team is one of the most exciting roles in the company. I get the opportunity to help shape the future for each of our customers and guide them through an incredible onboarding journey.

What have you felt good about accomplishing in your job and in your time here?

There are so many things that I have felt good about accomplishing at Noyo. One of the most impactful has been helping shape the customer onboarding process. When I joined Noyo, I was hired for the Customer Onboarding & Operations role. Shortly after joining the team, we realized that Customer Onboarding needed to become its own role to provide our customers greater attention to detail and the time they deserve. 

Over the last several months we have mapped out the customer journey from end-to-end. With input from teams across the organization, feedback from customers, and support from leadership, we have created an experience that makes our customers not only feel valued, but also quickly see the value Noyo offers.

What are the top 3 reasons you stay at Noyo?

It’s simple:

  1. I feel valued, respected, and appreciated by my peers and leadership.

  2. The leadership team has built a culture of openness and transparency.

  3. I am helping to solve an important, real world problem.

As a distributed company, Noyo has team members working across the United States. What's your favorite way to stay connected with your coworkers since we're in different locations?

One of my favorite ways to stay connected with coworkers is at our “GNC: Getting to Noyo Coworkers” sessions. This is a bi-weekly presentation led by a coworker with only one rule: it can’t be about work. Some of my favorite topics were: 

  • Ghost Hunting: Ty Gowen edition. Who doesn’t love a good haunting!?

  • do u even lift bro? I learned SO much about crossfit in this 30-minute session!

  • Beware of bears. One of our coworkers hiked the Appalachian trail!

Noyo is on the lookout for more passion-fueled talent just like Terrance. If working to eliminate the age-old frustrations of insurance experiences sounds right up your alley, we want to hear from you! Check out our current openings here.

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