Jul 23, 2023

It’s now easier than ever for ben-admins to offer a seamless enrollment experience

Introducing our new integration experience for ben-admins! It’s now even faster and easier to plug in to Noyo, connect multiple carriers, and activate a best-in-class enrollment experience.

Nicole Shelby

Meeting market demand for faster, more automated benefits has ben-admins investing in a more modern enrollment experience — starting with how they manage enrollment and eligibility data with insurance carriers.

But with most carriers still using decades-old technology, improving the enrollment experience requires building long, resource-intensive direct integrations with each one. This takes six to twelve months (or more) and in many cases, the result isn’t better than the status quo.

That’s why we’ve invested in making it easier for ben-admins to get up and running with Noyo. Our new integration experience lets benefits software platforms make the transition from EDI and other manual systems to modern enrollment and eligibility technology in dramatically less time. 

Build to Noyo once, connect multiple carriers, and activate a best-in-class experience that’s consistent across every carrier in our network. Here’s how it works.

One simple build that accelerates carrier connectivity

Building direct to carriers usually requires managing both the technical limitations and nuances of each carrier system; meanwhile, even the most advanced carriers struggle to automate many enrollment use cases. Noyo abstracts away this complexity, providing a simple way to connect carriers and exchange data in a single, standard format for all carriers and lines of coverage. 

No EDI testing and configuration or navigating partially-built carrier APIs. Just an intuitive process that easily plugs into existing workflows:

  • A single data structure sent to a single API endpoint for all types of member changes (new hire, qualifying life event, demographic, termination, etc.).

  • The same, standardized format to communicate all family and coverage information to Noyo. We call each payload a “member snapshot.”

  • A data shape similar to EDI but designed for real-time, so it feels familiar and easy to understand.

  • Data validation, processing, confirmation, and issue detection provided automatically by Noyo.

Whether a long-established software company used to building EDI files or an up-and-coming solution with developers who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of benefits administration, our new method makes a Noyo integration accessible to anyone.

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Modern data management made easy

At the heart of our new integration process is how we accept enrollment data from ben-admins, including member, dependent, demographic, and coverage changes. We call this format a member snapshot and it feels similar to how most ben-admins already structure enrollment information, but our format is designed for real-time data exchange.

No matter the enrollment or eligibility scenario, the answer is always the same: update the member snapshot and send it to Noyo. To make one or multiple enrollment changes, all ben-admins have to do is pull the full state of a family’s enrollments from their database and slot the data into our simple format.

Noyo takes care of validating the data upfront, processing changes at each carrier, confirming success, and surfacing any issues as they occur. Our enrollment engine handles all of this automatically, providing full visibility into each step. It’s like tracking an online order to your door.

The flexibility of our format means it can be used for all common uses cases, including:

  • Enrolling new hires

  • Handling qualifying life events

  • Sending open enrollment elections

  • Making changes that aren’t easily categorizable, like adjusting employment dates or amending previous data

Plus, there are no timing restrictions like the once-a-week schedules common with EDI. Ben-admins can send new member snapshots whenever they detect a change event in their system, which means a member’s elections get processed sooner and Noyo can catch potential issues faster. Even if a member makes an election one day and changes their mind the next, our technology can handle it seamlessly.

The member snapshot format has also allowed us to design a better process for matching members between the ben-admin’s system and the carrier’s. Traditionally, this has been done by carriers matching SSNs. But what happens if an SSN needs editing, or is just plain missing? You get dropped changes, duplicate members, and more work for everyone. With Noyo, ben-admins simply pass along their existing member ID and we ensure that it’s used to reference that member for any change — including edits to SSNs — in the future.

Onboarding support and documentation to guide the way

With Noyo, ben-admins can get to market in a fraction of the time it typically takes to build a direct, API-based connection with a single carrier. Once live, it only takes a week or two to turn on new connections with Noyo carrier partners.

Our Integration Guide goes into the details, but here’s what the process of getting started with Noyo looks like at a glance:

  • Scoping and project planning guided by our onboarding team. 

  • Robust documentation and example scenarios to help the build. 

  • 4-6 sprints of development that enable a new partner to connect groups, send member changes, and get carrier data and statuses back from our platform.  

  • Thorough testing against our set of group connection and member enrollment scenarios.

  • Consultation on incorporating Noyo into existing automated and operational processes behind the scenes. 

  • An initial go-live with select groups before expanding widely across carriers.

Get started today

With the upgrades we’ve made to our integration process, it’s now easier than ever to move away from decades-old technology (like file feeds, portals, or PDFs) and get started with modern enrollment. And while our complete API documentation is only available by request for now, you can learn more in our integration guide or by requesting a demo.

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