Feb 29, 2024

Introducing Noyo Advisory, a proven path to modern enrollment for insurance carriers

We're excited to announce Noyo Advisory, a structured program that equips carriers to plan, develop, and implement a modern, API-enabled experience for enrollment and eligibility, no matter where they are on their technology journey.

Daryl Hemeon, Director of Customer Solutions

We just launched Noyo Advisory for insurance carriers. Noyo partners with carriers of all shapes and sizes to test, audit, and co-develop their API solutions. We have been doing this with leading national carriers for over a year, and now, we’re excited to expand the program more broadly.

Learn more about how Noyo's Advisory program works here

Why Noyo co-develops APIs with carriers

Carriers today are increasingly becoming technology leaders just as much as they are providers of great benefits products. A lot of insurance carriers come to us because they want to drive new growth with technology and get their products on more ben-admin shelves, and that requires upgrading enrollment systems behind the scenes.

For carriers who aren’t thinking about this just yet, here’s some inspiration from a few recent reports:

The challenge for the carriers we talk to is the shift from status quo technologies (EDI files, portals, and paper) to modern API infrastructure touches many areas of their business: sales and distribution, operations, IT, security and compliance etc. Insurance carriers want to think and move like technology companies, but they often aren’t set up that way.

And when it comes to upgrading the enrollment and eligibility experience specifically, there’s a lot of complexity. How do you ensure what you build is competitive in the marketplace? What are the technical and operational requirements? What are the true costs? What are the pitfalls? How do you grow and scale adoption? What if you don’t get it right the first time?

It’s a lot for any organization to tackle, especially with other competing priorities, which is why many carriers can benefit from a partner-based approach.

This is why I’m excited to announce Noyo Advisory 📣, a structured program that equips carriers to plan, develop, and implement a modern, API-enabled experience for enrollment and eligibility, no matter where they are on their technology journey. Yes, you heard that right, carriers don’t need to have APIs to take advantage of Noyo Advisory.

Noyo Advisory gets insurance carriers partner-ready, faster

It takes more than just APIs or better “pipes” to meet the expectations of the market, and those expectations are evolving quickly. The business case, operational model, and partner experience are just as important as the data architecture itself.

At Noyo, we think about this transition as becoming partner-ready. That means:

  1. Carriers are flexible enough to partner with any software systems their employer or broker clients choose to use.

  2. The enrollment systems prioritize automation at each point in the member journey so growth is supported with technology rather than people.

  3. The business case is clearly understood so carriers can secure the budget and resources to achieve the desired outcomes

Noyo Advisory offers a proven path for insurance carriers to become partner-ready and ensure the solutions they build achieve high rates of automation and adoption. We’ve taken the measurable framework we use to enforce high standards across our carrier network, and we’ve built a structured program around it that any carrier can use to accelerate their roadmap.

Phase 1: Set the foundation

Our process starts with deep discovery so we can understand where carriers are today relative to their peers and tailor the program to their unique needs. Our team leads collaborative sessions to establish a foundation for what it means to offer a modern benefits experience, codify the data and connection strategy, and nail down the business case. We’ll also explore other problems across the enterprise that could be solved with real-time enrollment data and a more efficient operating model.

Phase 2: Become partner-ready

The next phase of the program is aimed at benchmarking existing capabilities and identifying how their architecture, operations, and tooling needs to evolve. This includes rigorous testing of enrollment capabilities across 11 core use cases and over 99 transaction types. Additionally, Noyo evaluates the solution architecture, developer experience, operational model, and tooling against best practices we’ve established across our network of connected partners. 

Finally, our team will report out the results of our assessments, helping diagnose issues, prioritize enhancements, and design new solutions. Insurance carriers walk away with a clear, actionable path to modern enrollment.

So why choose Noyo Advisory to accelerate your API strategy?

  1. With Noyo’s framework, carriers are achieving automation rates above 95% for all enrollment and eligibility transactions, all while providing a full suite of support and tools to their partners.

  2. Noyo takes a 360 degree view of enrollment systems that goes far beyond just the infrastructure itself. Where other solutions focus on high-level concepts, Noyo provides a comprehensive audit that outputs measurable results.

  3. Our guidance is based on demonstrated expertise. We deliver real, tangible, practical advice for carriers at any stage of digital transformation. There’s a lot at stake so carriers will appreciate having a partner that’s walked the walk.

You can learn more about Noyo Advisory here. Whether you’re just thinking about upgrading enrollment systems or improving on existing infrastructure, we’d love to hear from you.

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