Sep 20, 2023

Meet Command Center, the UI that brings enrollment data to life

With the Command Center, Noyo is raising the bar for what’s possible with enrollment and eligibility data, empowering ben-admins with the tools they need to streamline daily operations and save their teams hours of work.

Nicole Shelby

Every insurance carrier handles member enrollment data in different ways, and the black box nature of their systems means that for those on the outside, getting fast answers to simple questions is much more challenging than it should be. It can take a whole array of processes, EDI files, online portals, error reports, spreadsheets, and email chains just to keep track of enrollments and coverage changes.

The result? HR admins and brokers get frustrated by how long it takes to get information and resolve issues, and enrollment troubleshooting becomes complex and expensive for the ben-admin platforms they rely on. Ben-admins either build complex integrations and tooling with each carrier or rely on decades-old technology. Either way, the costs don’t scale. 

Enter Noyo’s complete enrollment solution, a powerful technology suite that’s changing everything about enrollment management. Noyo enables ben-admins to offer a seamless, API-driven enrollment experience with transparency at its core. Ben-admins connect to a wide network of insurance carriers through the Noyo platform, eliminating EDI files and carrier portals from the equation and opening the door to a whole new way of managing groups and members.

One thing that sets Noyo’s enrollment solution apart–and that we’re very excited to unveil today–is our new Command Center, a first-of-its-kind interface designed to make enrollment data easy to find and instantly understand. Never before has it been so easy to look up a member or group, check on an enrollment’s status, or resolve a data discrepancy, all in one thoughtfully designed place. 

“Since integrating with Noyo, we have been regularly using the Command Center to check the enrollment status of employees and to request their history. Additionally, I use it to review group configurations and plan information."- Senior Software Engineer, Ben-Admin

Raising the bar for what’s possible 

Command Center is built on top of the Noyo Enrollment Engine™, our proprietary API technology that works behind the scenes to continuously clean, audit, and transmit enrollment data to carriers. The Enrollment Engine allows Noyo to process member changes in near real-time and prevent coverage issues before they impact members. Our partners can leverage Noyo’s comprehensive API to access structured data and add new capabilities to their existing operations tools, or they can start using Command Center right out of the box.

Unlike other solutions that provide a limited view of enrollment data (due to a dependence on EDI file prep and management), Command Center offers ben-admins a complete picture of each member down to the granular change level. This is enhanced with rich features that anyone can use, regardless of technical knowledge: discrepancy management, assistance with ticket triage, group connection management, and more. Command Center saves benefits operations teams hours of work and requires no engineering resources to access.

How ben-admins are using Command Center to save hours of work

Here are six examples of how clean, trusted data through Noyo and full visibility and control within Command Center are streamlining high-impact benefits workflows.

1. Get a bird’s eye view of enrollment and eligibility

Get on-demand access to structured, normalized, and organized data for every group and employee across all Noyo-connected carriers.

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2. Manage discrepancies and prevent coverage issues

Noyo automatically surfaces mismatches between ben-admin and carrier data that could impact coverage. In the Command Center, you have a view of each discrepancy and all of the information needed to quickly resolve issues. Easily compare the carrier version of data to the record in Noyo’s system side-by-side.

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3. Respond to issues and inquiries faster

Have a customer or broker partner on the phone? Find any group or member with a simple search. See a near real-time status for each change that’s being processed through Noyo, plus a detailed history of each change for your own reporting.

“Utilizing the Command Center allows me to quickly review the enrollment status, as well as any pending transactions, with ease. This has greatly improved resource and time management for our users."- Senior EDI Specialist , Ben-Admin Platform

4. Track high priority groups and members

Have an important group or member that you want to keep a close eye on? Save items or specially filtered lists to the sidebar to track them easily over time. 

5. Empower ops teams with no-code workflows

Equip your operations teams to do more without engineering support. Connect new groups to coverage, remove groups you’re no longer managing, dive into member change histories, and troubleshoot issues, all with simple no-code workflows. Plus, we make it easy to hide PII for secure, compliant collaboration across teams.

6. Streamline development with tools for engineers

Developers can use the Command Center to generate new API keys for sandbox and production testing, check on test groups during the build process, grab JSON payloads with a single click, get carrier-specific specs, and investigate enrollment issues once live. 

See Command Center in action

Get a video tour of the new Command Center, or reach out to us directly if you want to learn how you can start using it — and Noyo’s entire enrollment solution — today! 

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