Jun 15, 2021

This is what's possible with modern technology for open enrollment

Noyo is building new technology that streamlines workflows with APIs to manage the complexity. See what a simple, seamless open enrollment experience looks like.

Nicole Shelby

Everyone dreads benefits open enrollment season: ben-admins, HR platforms, and brokers struggle to stay on top of all of the plan updates, enrollment deadlines, and processes for each insurance carrier. The carriers themselves experience a huge increase in processing volume, forcing them to freeze most activities that aren’t directly related to open enrollment. Finally, employers and employees have to make difficult financial decisions within a set timeframe with the (slightly scary) knowledge that changes can’t be made later on. 

Noyo is changing all of this by streamlining important workflows with APIs and tools that are built to manage OE complexity. Ben-admins get the information they need, when they need it, along with an unparalleled level of transparency into each enrollment. At the end of the day, ben-admins get peace of mind that open enrollment will be completed accurately and on time.

Unfortunately, most of the industry is still stuck doing things the old way. Let’s take a look at how Noyo can make this time of year easier for ben-admins and their clients:

Simple, hands-off renewal

The old way:

Plan decisions for each individual group are communicated to the carrier by phone or email, leaving the door wide open for human error. If there is an issue with plan or account structure, you won’t find out until you run into trouble with enrollments.

With Noyo:

After communicating and confirming policy-level decisions by API, you can head into open enrollment with full confidence that carriers have installed your group’s decisions correctly. Plan data is always up to date

Clear windows for changes

The old way: 

Even if groups are correctly installed at the carrier, you might be in the dark about when to start sending OE enrollments, leading to confusion and unnecessary back-and-forth. 

With Noyo:

When a carrier is ready to accept OE enrollments, you get notified and can immediately start sending member changes. 

No file testing

The old way:

For groups using EDI, you have to build a new file for each group and test that file multiple times to ensure that decisions will go through correctly.

With Noyo:

Changes are sent via API, so there’s no file testing needed. Group and plan data is in sync with the carrier and always updated before open enrollment. Easily make and confirm last minute changes.

No blackout periods 

The old way: 

Following open enrollment, many carriers pause EDI feeds or freeze updates altogether, so any changes for the current year need to be processed manually or simply aren’t made until the blackout period is over. 

With Noyo:

Submit all changes, whether current year or next, via API. Built-in data validation and eligibility rules, round-trip confirmation, and proactive audits ensure that enrollments are processed correctly at the carrier (during OE and throughout the rest of the year, too).

If you’re ready to experience open enrollment season in a totally new way, we’d love to talk to you!

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