Apr 16, 2024

New on the Noyo Network: Meet Clasp!

Clasp is now integrated with Noyo’s APIs and is using Noyo to deliver a seamless enrollment experience across a broad network of connected insurance carriers.

More and more software companies are wanting to expand their offering and embed a benefits experience in their product. The challenge is it’s not easy to build a ben-admin from scratch, especially given the complexity of managing insurance carrier integrations and building on top of antiquated enrollment systems.

If financial products like bank accounts, investments, and payments can be easily embedded in software, why should employee benefits be any different?

Clasp and Noyo are focused on this exact problem. Clasp is making it easier for anyone to build and launch a ben-admin product, and Noyo is making it easier for the benefits data that powers ben-admin products to be delivered seamlessly and be trusted end-to-end.

We’re excited to announce that Clasp has chosen Noyo as their benefits data partner as they bring their new embedded benefits solution to market. Clasp is now integrated with Noyo’s APIs and is using Noyo to manage enrollment and eligibility data across our network of connected insurance carriers.

With Clasp, any HR, payroll, or SaaS platform can embed benefits administration functionality directly into their products using a suite of APIs and SDKs. On the backend, Clasp is using Noyo’s complete enrollment solution to integrate with leading national carriers and power a modern enrollment experience for their users. With Noyo automation behind the scenes, Clasp is able to get employers setup and enrolled faster than status quo solutions (days, not weeks), catch and resolve coverage issues before they impact members, and get data back from carriers to deliver near real-time insights in the product.

“Developers can use Clasp to launch an employee benefits product in just a few weeks,” said Amar Jasarbasic, Clasp CEO. “Abstracting away all of the complexities of building software to track and manage ACA compliance, automate payroll deductions, or staying in sync with HSA or COBRA providers. With Noyo as our data partner, we've been able to rapidly expand our network of supported carriers, providing our users with a hassle-free enrollment experience for fully insured plans.”

“Clasp is making the promise of modern benefits accessible to even more of the software platforms out there that want to offer a ben-admin experience,” said Noyo CEO Shannon Goggin. “We love seeing new innovation in the space, especially on top of fast carrier connections and clean, trusted data powered by Noyo.”

So why did Clasp choose Noyo? Three things really stood out:

  1. The most advanced capabilities across the broadest network of carriers, and a unified API experience for every carrier.

  2. The unique ability to transmit data to carriers and get data back from the carrier in near real-time. This is powering new, innovative features in Clasp’s product.

  3. A developer experience that enabled Clasp to launch with confidence. Through integration with Noyo's APIs, Clasp smoothly activated, tested, and stabilized connections with carriers on Noyo’s network.

Interested in learning more about Clasp? See their recent funding announcement. If you’re looking to scale connectivity with insurance carriers and upgrade the enrollment experience, learn more about Noyo's solutions for ben-admins or get started here.

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