Jun 11, 2024

New on the Noyo Network: Meet UBenefit!

We’re excited to announce, UBenefit has selected Noyo as their benefits data partner as they launch a new ben-admin platform.

For employers of all sizes, the experience of purchasing and administering benefits is riddled with expensive, time-consuming processes, and that’s what UBenefit and Noyo are changing together.

From the beginning, UBenefit set out to approach benefits differently. They’re in the process of launching a new ben-admin platform that will streamline every aspect of the benefit year from pre-quote with underwriting to quoting to enrollment and ongoing benefit administration, all the way through renewal.

We’re excited to announce, UBenefit has selected Noyo as their benefits data partner as they launch their new platform. UBenefit is now integrated with Noyo’s APIs and is using our enrollment solution to quickly scale connections with insurance carriers and deliver a faster, more automated experience to their customers.

One of UBenefit’s primary objectives in partnering with Noyo was to more efficiently connect new carriers and offer an experience that goes beyond the limitations of EDI.

“We didn’t just want more connections, we wanted better carrier connections,” said Wendy Kessler, Principal Manager at UBenefit. “After looking at different options, I was convinced that Noyo was our ideal partner. Noyo looked beyond EDI, they’ve developed API-powered connections with the top carriers, and we wanted to align our platform with a partner that is looking to the future and solving root problems, just like we do.”

UBenefit’s partnership with Noyo is part of a broader company initiative to drive growth with a differentiated experience and serve a wider set of customers that includes brokers, general agents, HR admins, and TPAs. An important part of this strategy was leveraging new technologies to increase speed and transparency for their users, especially during challenging times of year like open enrollment.

“What we needed to really grow is we needed a way for [our customers] to see what's going on with their groups at each step. So what we love about our partnership with Noyo is the API suite offers a lot of modern tools that we're able to put into our client-facing software,” said Wendy. “From the initial enrollment to renewal, we also know that the information will be communicated to the carrier much more efficiently and accurately, which will save a lot of time for brokers and GAs, and that ultimately benefits the employer.”

“We’re really excited to see the UBenefit platform grow and evolve,” said Shannon Goggin, Noyo Co-founder and CEO. “UBenefit is prioritizing a modern experience, building exciting new features, and offering more carriers in their product with Noyo’s technology. This is the exact type of innovation we love to see.”

So why did UBenefit choose Noyo? These three things really stood out:

  • Technology beyond EDI. Noyo offered near real-time, bi-directional integrations with top national carriers. This is helping position UBenefit for the future and power new capabilities in the product.

  • Speed and transparency were top priorities. Noyo stood out for our ability to read data from carrier systems and use that data to set up groups faster, track granular member change statuses, and automatically detect coverage issues.

  • A complete solution that was easy to adopt. UBenefit was able to quickly integrate with Noyo and begin selling to new clients. Our Command Center also provided all of the visibility and tools their operations team needed out of the box.

Don’t take it from us. Catch the full interview with Wendy Kessler below.

You can learn more about UBenefit here. And if you’re a ben-admin platform looking to scale connectivity with insurance carriers and upgrade the enrollment experience, learn more about Noyo's solutions or get started here.

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