Jan 14, 2022

Noyo 101 for benefits software

Learn the ins and outs of Noyo's API: your trusted, scalable solution for interoperable data systems that handles benefits software interactions between admins and carriers via fast, one-to-many API connectivity.

Joe Gomez

Companies building modern benefits software will inevitably be challenged by the lack of interoperability between data systems and formats (EDI 834, XML, LDEX, JSON, paper, PDFs) across insurance companies and other benefits systems. Because so much of the industry still relies on legacy technology, poor customer experiences and administrative waste have become an accepted cost of doing business, and a very-expensive one.

Noyo sits at the center of the benefits ecosystem, making it possible for every stakeholder to exchange data seamlessly, no matter the systems they rely on today. The network infrastructure we’ve built solves the data gap between insurance companies and benefits software platforms (ben-admins, HRIS, HCM, digital brokers, etc.).

Benefits Software like Rippling, Gusto, Sana, and Zenefits partner with Noyo because a single integration makes it fast and easy to exchange data with multiple carriers through our APIs. Fast connections, trusted data, and hands-free transactions mean they can serve more customers with better margins and offer the differentiated, all-in-one experience their clients want. Brokers and other vendors also prefer to work with benefits software platforms that make their lives easier.

If you do benefits, you need Noyo

Noyo’s APIs support every step of policy administration, from group installation and account structure mapping to year-round member management to seamless renewal. You can learn more here about our end-to-end enrollment solution. We are proud to set a new standard for how technology should enable faster, more reliable data exchange behind the scenes.

According to our customers, here’s what sets our technology apart:

Fast, one-to-many connectivity

Building and maintaining point-to-point connections with each benefits partner is time-intensive and very expensive to scale. For most benefits software platforms, it’s not a practical growth strategy, and it diverts valuable resources away from core product and business objectives. 

Noyo’s API platform offers a single, one-to-many point of connectivity so companies don’t have to scope, build, and maintain data connections with every digital partner. A single up-front integration with Noyo (just a few weeks) unlocks connections with a broad network of insurance carriers and offers a full suite of APIs to automate painful processes and build new product experiences on top of. Because Noyo manages ongoing updates, security, and compliance, companies built on Noyo can focus on what they do best, as well as realize all of the operational benefits of fast, accurate data exchange.

“Noyo's APIs are critical for providing our customers a modern, hassle-free experience. Their digital interface with insurance companies solves a major pain point and allows the entire industry to innovate.- Parker Conrad , CEO, Rippling

Clean, trusted data

Noyo’s APIs have built-in data validation and business logic enforcement to prevent errors from ever reaching a carrier’s system. We’ve also built custom tools to track the real-time status of transactions and reconcile any issues all in one place.

However, the real magic of Noyo is the ability to read and write to the carrier’s system. This enables us to proactively audit for discrepancies in the background, quickly and effortlessly surfacing errors before they impact customers. Additionally, we are able to confirm transactions are completed as intended after they are submitted – we call this round-trip confirmation.

For example, when someone is enrolled in a dental plan, our API engine can confirm the enrollment the next day and then check again on the member’s effective date to make sure coverage is active when expected. These capabilities are unprecedented in our industry and entirely unique to Noyo. Imagine what peak times of year like open enrollment might feel like with standardized processes, automated workflows, and reliable data.

I was spending up to three hours per client group doing crazy manual tasks. With Noyo, I haven’t touched a piece of data.- Grant Reeves, Director of Professional Services, Sana Benefits

A platform to build on top of

While APIs offer a widely adopted and incredibly efficient standard for exchanging data, all of the business processes unique to benefits administration need to be reimagined with APIs—this requires deep domain expertise. Noyo is continually expanding its suite of APIs so benefits software companies have a single platform to structure business systems, leverage automation, and design entirely new customer experiences.

Where other solutions focus on wrapping legacy technology with API endpoints for marginal benefit, Noyo has built a scalable, fully integrated API engine that syncs enrollment and eligibility changes across multiple carriers. The result is faster data connections, real-time visibility, and granular data controls to ensure transactions are completed exactly as intended. These efficiencies improve the customer experience and unlock significant savings at scale. However, the real value is what you build on top of fast connections and clean, trusted data.

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If you do benefits, you need Noyo

The future of employee benefits is faster, easier, and more automated. Are you ready?