Oct 30, 2023

Noyo Showcases its Complete Enrollment Technology Solution at InsurTech Connect in Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 30, 2023 — Noyo, the leader in benefits data management, will showcase its complete enrollment solution at InsurTech Connect (ITC) held this week, Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, here in Las Vegas. At “the world’s largest gathering of insurance innovation,” Noyo will feature its powerful technology suite and advanced capabilities that enable the employee benefits industry to move away from EDI files, portals, paper, and manual data entry toward seamless automation and near real-time visibility. 

“Noyo’s complete enrollment solution is an easy-to-deploy, giant leap forward for the HR and ben-admin software companies that are focused on delivering modern benefits experiences to their users,” said Shannon Goggin, CEO and co-founder of Noyo. “Consumers expect the same level of ease and simplicity from their benefits as they expect from other software-driven experiences like shopping online or connecting a bank account to an app. To keep up, the group benefits industry needs better, faster ways to manage data behind the scenes. Noyo is enabling a crucial technology shift by simplifying the enrollment process end-to-end and automating away manual work for all involved: insurance carriers, brokers, ben-admins, HR teams, and members.”

The magic of Noyo is how the company's technology suite works together, prioritizing data quality and transparency at every step of policy administration. At its ITC booth (#2217), Noyo is highlighting the core features and functionality of its complete enrollment solution that make it easy for ben-admins to enroll members with virtually any carrier faster and more reliably. 

Noyo’s complete enrollment solution includes: 

Fast, easy integration — Exchanging enrollment and eligibility data with insurance carriers requires ben-admins to invest a lot of resources in managing EDI files, complex direct integrations, and custom, manual processes with each carrier. With Noyo, ben-admins simply build once to the Noyo API and connect to any carrier in the ever-expanding Noyo Carrier Network. Family and coverage information is exchanged using a simple, standard data format that’s the same for every carrier. With a unified experience across every carrier, ben-admins can scale carrier connectivity faster, automate manual work, and power a more seamless experience for customers.  

Advanced Enrollment Engine — Today’s enrollment solutions are slow, manual, and have a high rate of errors. For example, it takes 6-8 weeks to implement an EDI file for a newly sold group, and most ben-admins must rely on carrier error reports (if provided at all) to catch issues that could impact billing or access-to-care. Noyo’s proprietary technology works behind the scenes to continuously clean, audit, and transmit enrollment data to connected insurance carriers, reducing group setup times to mere days. The Enrollment Engine allows Noyo to process member changes in near real-time and use powerful automation to audit the carrier system and prevent coverage issues before they impact members. 

The Noyo Carrier Network — The costs of building direct integrations to every insurance carrier don’t scale. Additionally, most carriers don’t have the API capabilities that ben-admins need to improve the enrollment experience. With Noyo, ben-admins have full access to a broad network of carriers and a unified API experience for every carrier. Noyo has the technology to connect virtually any medical, dental, or vision carrier, enabling a modern API experience on the frontend that eliminates the need for ben-admins to manage each carrier’s files, data schemas, and workflows. Noyo also has proprietary integrations with a wide selection of carriers that enable near real-time capabilities, unmatched in the industry today.

Command Center — Most carrier systems feel like a black box; it’s easy to submit data but it’s difficult to understand what happened on the other side. Command Center is a first-of-its-kind user interface that gives HR and ben-admin software platforms full visibility and control of all of their enrollment data, all in one easy-to-navigate place. Typically, this data is trapped in siloed EDI files, spreadsheets, email chains, etc. Command Center offers ben-admin operations teams a single source of truth for enrollment in one, central place, making it faster and easier to respond to customer inquiries; proactively identify and resolve data discrepancies; and manage workflows without relying on engineers.

To learn more about the Noyo data platform and the company’s enrollment technology solution, stop by Booth #2217 at ITC Vegas or reach out here.

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Noyo is the benefits data platform providing the modern data infrastructure to make frictionless employee benefits possible. Founded by leaders in benefits, insurance, and API technology, Noyo is the first company transforming the underlying infrastructure of the benefits industry through seamless digital connectivity. With Noyo, crucial benefits data is synchronized and made instantly available anywhere it's needed, unlocking new possibilities for how benefits are designed and delivered and enhancing the benefits experience for all. To learn more about how Noyo’s industry-leading technology is powering the next generation of employee benefits, visit www.noyo.com.

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