Jan 30, 2023

PlanSource and Ameritas are putting customers first with Noyo

Ameritas and PlanSource are prioritizing digital connectivity to help customers meet shifting demands. Here’s how these two partners are elevating the member experience with clean, transparent data and faster change processing on top of the Noyo platform.

Ty Gowen

Recent years have been a rollercoaster for employers. As a result, planning for the future has been like trying to hit a constantly moving target. Yet the need to deliver personalized, dynamic benefits experiences for employees remains constant. No wonder HR tech adoption has exploded. Seven in 10 employers have digitized their benefits enrollments; meanwhile, they use an average of 2 to 3 external vendors to help administer their benefits programs.  

Appreciating this drive to innovate, Ameritas and PlanSource are prioritizing digital connectivity and clean data to help their customers meet these shifting demands. Here’s how these two partners are elevating the member experience with best-in-class connectivity, clean data, and modern technology from Noyo.

Prioritizing customers’ needs with service and technology

For the past five years, PlanSource has been reshaping the way customers think about their benefits with the advent of their successful PlanSource Boost program. Focusing on enhancing the customer experience by offering modern application programming interfaces (APIs) and more, PlanSource is simplifying the way benefits are delivered for administrators and employees alike. 

The ability to deliver a familiar and engaging customer experience is mission critical. PlanSource is deeply committed to developing and deploying innovative technology-based solutions that provide a vastly improved customer experience.” - David Goodrich

Boasting one of the largest dental networks in the nation, Ameritas is likewise focused on delivering exceptional service to their more than 11 million customers. Since 1959, they have prioritized delivering quality insurance and are now taking it to the next level. As an early adopter of the Noyo platform for frictionless, modern benefits, Ameritas has connected to PlanSource to participate in their Boost program.

Ameritas is thrilled to announce the next deployment of innovation with PlanSource via our enrollment API. Simplicity and trust is the driver for better member experiences; PlanSource Boost offers a trusted ecosystem that is complemented by our products." -Jake Bendler

How clean, trusted data makes life better for customers

Making fast, clean connections allows companies like Ameritas and PlanSource to communicate benefits information quickly, safely, and without error. Putting their customers' needs first, both of these companies respect how important it is for benefits information to be correct, every time. Not only does this create satisfied customers and positive benefits experiences, it decreases the administrative tasks and manual work that used to be common between carriers and platforms. By automating their benefits strategies through Noyo, PlanSource and Ameritas are also freeing their brokers from the manual work of setting up and testing EDI files, so they can focus on what truly matters: delivering great benefits experiences.

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To combat the frustrations caused by bad data, Noyo’s priority is not just to send information quickly between companies, but to ensure that it is correct and ready for use. Clean data is just as important as creating fast connections, which is why Noyo places such high priority on understanding and integrating carrier and ben-admin platform business rules. Monitoring discrepancies and flagging them before they become problems help streamline key enrollment and eligibility processes. The result is less time spent on benefits tasks for HR teams and better access to benefits for employees. 

Embracing technology to deliver modern benefits solutions

When it comes to making better employee benefits decisions, a growing number of HR professionals want better comparison and analysis tools and data. They want to spend less time on the manual tasks that go into managing and administering their benefits plans.

Seamless two-way data transfer between Ameritas and PlanSource via Noyo helps each partner deliver this for their customers:

  • Ameritas helps employers uplevel their offerings by giving brokers the data and insights they need to deliver personalized dental and vision benefits — enabled by data analysis of customer data, plan design elements, and utilization trends over time.

  • PlanSource removes the manual work of EDI file testing for brokers and lets customers focus on selecting and using their benefits — enabled by streamlined enrollment processes, up-to-date employee data, and quick, accurate coverage setup/maintenance.

"With Noyo, partnering with the software platforms our customers love is easier than ever.” Drew Flemming

Behind-the-scenes, Noyo flags data issues, confirms member changes, and enables proactive auditing between PlanSource’s and Ameritas’s systems. If issues are identified, Noyo delivers standardized, easy-to-use reconciliation reports in as little as one hour

Working with companies who put customers first

PlanSource, Ameritas, and Noyo are united in prioritizing the needs of customers through quality data, seamless connections, and top-tier service. With this focus, it’s easy to see why millions of Americans have chosen to get their vision and dental insurance through Ameritas over the past half century, and why so many insurance carriers choose PlanSource as their premiere platform. If you’re interested in working with Ameritas, PlanSource, or Noyo, follow these links to learn more.


PlanSource is a technology company that automates and simplifies every aspect of employee benefit programs, so employees and HR teams can make smarter, more confident benefits decisions. We believe the easier benefits are to understand, use and manage, the more value people get out of them.

Ameritas is a marketing name for Ameritas Mutual Holding Company and its affiliated subsidiary companies, including Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York. Founded in 1887, Ameritas offers a wide range of insurance and financial products and services to individuals, families and businesses. These products and services include life insurance; annuities; individual disability income insurance; group dental, vision and hearing care insurance; retirement plans; investments; asset management; and public finance. Securities offered through affiliate Ameritas Investment Company LLC, member FINRA/SIPC and investment advisory services offered through Ameritas Advisory Services, LLC. For more information, visit ameritas.com.

Noyo is the modern data infrastructure making frictionless employee benefits possible. Founded by leaders in benefits, insurance, and API technology, Noyo is the first company transforming the underlying infrastructure of the benefits industry through seamless digital connectivity. With Noyo, crucial benefits data is synchronized, scrubbed, and made instantly available anywhere it's needed, unlocking new possibilities for how benefits are designed and delivered.

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