Oct 30, 2023

The Noyo Carrier Network: A universal API experience for every carrier

Ben-admins want to offer the right plans, digitize enrollment, and deliver an easier, more automated experience for employers. A single, upfront integration with Noyo lets them do just that! Here's how.

Nicole Shelby

Ben-admins want to offer the right plans, digitize enrollment, and deliver an easier, more automated experience for employers. But upgrading the experience with carriers and expanding new connections isn’t easy when there’s so much complexity standing in the way. 

Whether dealing with each carrier’s requirements (files, portals, paper) or managing time-consuming, resource-heavy direct integrations, progress is slow. 

Now, there’s a better way! A single, upfront integration with Noyo gives ben-admins full access to our network of carriers and a unified API experience for every carrier. Plus, it's now possible to connect virtually any carrier with Noyo 🎉

The result for ben-admins is they can scale carrier connectivity faster and at a fraction of the cost of building direct integrations. The result for brokers, employers, and other users of ben-admin software is faster, easier, more automated enrollment. 

Curious how it works? Read on for all the details.

One integration, many carriers

It takes a lot more than APIs to power a better enrollment experience. Which is why building direct connections to each carrier simply doesn’t scale, especially when carriers have partially built APIs and limited automation.

For ben-admins that have robust EDI operations with carriers, they either have to scale massive operations teams as their book of business grows or push manual work on to customers and third-party vendors. The answer to this dilemma is better standardization and automation across carriers. These are two things that APIs can solve really well, and Noyo has built a universal API experience that can support virtually any carrier.

We’ve made it easier than ever for ben-admins to integrate with Noyo in a short sprint, connect multiple carriers, and streamline enrollment with a simple, standard data format that supports all use cases. We’ve also built the APIs and tooling to give ben-admin operations teams full visibility and control of their data in one place.

What sets Noyo apart is that we’ve pioneered measurable standards for the technical and operational requirements of a modern enrollment experience, providing a model for carriers to build to as they improve capabilities over time. We take on all of the work of supporting and improving each carrier connection so our ben-admin partners don’t have to.

Here’s how HR and ben-admin platforms benefit from the Noyo Carrier Network and our enrollment solution as a whole: 

  • One-to-many connectivity. Build to Noyo once and unlock full access to a broad network of carriers, reducing the investment to build a comparable carrier network. Ben-admins can use Noyo to connect new carriers in weeks, not 6+ months.

  • A unified API experience. For every carrier in the Noyo network, get a universal API experience and one, standard data format. This includes unprecedented transparency within the Noyo Command Center and via our GET API endpoints, which can be used to pipe clean, structured data into your own operational tools.

  • More accurate, automated connections. Noyo’s technology gets members enrolled faster and more accurately, while also equipping ben-admins with the tools to catch and resolve issues before they impact customers. 

  • Proven standards for modern enrollment. Noyo has developed a first-of-its-kind framework that sets measurable standards for the modern enrollment experience. In fact, many carriers are using these standards to develop their own APIs!

  • Focus resources on higher-impact work. For every carrier, Noyo manages all maintenance and upgrades, continually driving innovation at the carrier so your team can focus on other priorities.

Two tiers of connections, same amazing API experience

While Noyo leads the market in advanced benefits data technology, most carriers do not have mature APIs available. That's why we've developed a flexible set of options to give you a consistent experience regardless of a carrier's capabilities: Noyo Sync, a premium experience which delivers near real-time automation and transparency; and Noyo Send, which delivers a modern, streamlined experience that integrates seamlessly with a carrier's existing technology.

Noyo Sync connections

Noyo Sync connections offer advanced capabilities unmatched in the market today. Where other solutions function like pipes, merely routing data to the carrier, the magic of a Noyo sync connection is the ability to read data out of the carrier system in near real-time and use that data to automate high-impact workflows like confirming every member change was completed correctly (we call it round-trip confirmation); tracking detailed enrollment statuses in the Command Center or via API; and routine, automated group data syncs to streamline group setup and renewal. (See a full list in the comparison table below).

For every Sync connection, Noyo enforces measurable requirements that ensure a consistent, high-quality experience end-to-end. Here’s how:

  • Comprehensive audit of carrier capabilities. Noyo audits each carrier’s capabilities according to 11 use cases and over 60 transaction types.

  • Gap identification and guided solution support. We understand the gaps in each carrier’s solutions design and operational support model, supporting them to automate core enrollment use cases and meet specific SLAs.

  • Continuous innovation. Our proven roadmap helps upgrade carrier systems and improve automation over time. Average automation rates in the industry are often below 80%. Noyo’s top carrier connections are automating over 95% of enrollment transactions end-to-end, while also providing a full suite of tools and support to ben-admin partners.

Noyo Send connections

Noyo Send is a flexible solution for connecting any medical, dental, or vision carrier. Noyo is able to quickly plug into the carrier’s existing EDI rails and enable a modern API experience on the front-end that automates the hard work on the backend.

This eliminates the engineering and operations work ben-admins usually take on to configure, test, and maintain files and other manual systems. Additionally, ben-admins don’t need to be fluent in each carrier’s unique data schema and workflows, especially as carriers make changes behind-the-scenes. They can just use our simple Member Snapshot format to manage all enrollment and eligibility change scenarios. Plus, they have access to the Noyo Command Center (and our GET APIs) for monitoring groups, plans, enrollment statuses, change histories, data discrepancies, and more.

Noyo Send connections make it possible for ben-admins to expand carrier connections faster and upgrade the experience. Here’s how:

  • A modern API experience with virtually any carrier. Use Noyo’s API to connect groups, enroll members, and manage changes (submit current and new plan year changes at any time).

  • Noyo does the heavy lifting. Noyo manages connection setup, maintenance, and upgrades with each carrier.

  • Better CX, lower OpEx. Add new carriers faster and reduce friction for customers with faster, more automated enrollment.

Explore the Noyo Carrier Network

The Noyo Carrier Network is helping drive new growth for HR and ben-admin software platforms. See who’s in our carrier network here. Have a specific carrier in mind? Or, interested in becoming a Noyo-connected carrier? Reach out to our team!

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