Oct 20, 2022

The Standard partners with Noyo for digital transformation

From connections to customer service, The Standard is helping lead the pack when it comes to digital transformation. Here's how partnering with Noyo will support the company's ability to delivery the best member experience.

Ty Gowen

As one of the oldest providers of financial protection products, The Standard proudly covers over 8.5 million people in the US. The company has witnessed many fundamental shifts in the way people purchase and use insurance in its 116 years — none so important as the digital innovations currently reshaping the way insurance companies manage their business.

From partnerships to customer service, The Standard is helping lead the pack when it comes to digital transformation. In particular, the company has highlighted group insurance products as a key area in which innovation can play a much larger role.

Here’s how our benefits data platform is helping The Standard improve its experience for members, brokers, and benefits administration partners.

Streamlining digital information to increase efficiency for members 

The Standard understands that digital transformation can be costly and time consuming when done alone, which is why it has partnered with Noyo for employee benefits enrollment and eligibility management.

“The Standard is making a significant investment in our group insurance business to transform how we provide service to our customers. We're investing to deliver a superior outcome through a unique combination of expertise, caring, and digital experience.- Jill Schlofer, Second Vice President of Implementation and Enrollment, The Standard,

Streamlined member maintenance updates

With current methods of sharing information between carriers and ben-admin platforms, user changes take too long to send and confirm, which creates a poor user experience and can cause issues with coverage. This is why Noyo is connecting the insurance ecosystem with application programming interfaces (APIs), a method of data exchange that features unparalleled speed and accuracy. Member enrollment and eligibility changes will be sent through the Noyo benefits data platform, which validates each change and ensures that it is completed successfully by The Standard. 

Quick connections to prospective partners

By connecting to Noyo, The Standard is activating a whole new way to connect with different ben-admin systems, benefits software, and HRIS systems. As the understanding of the need for APIs grows, companies are finding that homebrewed connections are costly to create and time-consuming to maintain. With Noyo, one standard integration is all that’s required for a new connection; most partners are connected to each other 5x faster than if they had built custom connections on their own.  

Empowering brokers with better data

The Standard prioritizes the needs of its broker partners, which means making sure that employee benefits data is accurate, so brokers can spend less time on manual work and more time advising their clients. With validated data transferred in real time and member updates in sync across systems, Noyo-powered connections remove the burden of manual administration and make it easy to get clients covered quickly. 

Better functionality for The Standard’s customers 

By incorporating Noyo's capabilities around handling, standardizing, and transmitting data quickly and accurately, The Standard is making it easier for employers to administer their benefits and employee enrollments, while reducing data issues that can disrupt coverage, waste time, or sap budgets.

“I'm incredibly excited to see a carrier with more than 100 years of history adopt the technology of the future. We look forward to transforming the way key benefits data is managed and enabling The Standard to focus on protecting their customers.- Shannon Goggin, CEO & Co-Founder, Noyo,

With changing the way benefits data is handled from start to finish, Noyo is proud to power The Standard’s efforts to deliver the best benefits experience on the market.

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