Feb 10, 2021

Uncharted #67: Why getting started is more important than anything with Noyo's Shannon Goggin

In this episode of the Uncharted Podcast, Noyo CEO Shannon Goggin dives into why getting started is more important than anything else when creating a new business.

{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"In Episode #67 of Uncharted Podcast, CEO and Co-Founder of Noyo Shannon Goggin joins hosts Robby Allen, CRO of Agent Sync, and Poya Osgouei to talk about why getting started is the most important thing. ","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"Shannon has raised money from top-tier Silicon Valley investors and is a leading voice on the changes and trends in the health insurance space. Noyo works with leading national insurance companies and cutting edge technology companies.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"About Uncharted Podcast:","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"The goal of Uncharted Podcast is to allow a space for some of the most brilliant individuals in the business to tell their stories. Many of these great people got where they are by diving into the unknowns, or the uncharted. And they often ventured in not so conventional (often eclectic) ways.","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"","nodeType":"text"},{"data":{"uri":"https://open.spotify.com/episode/5zlGMeBvcWmRS27ESaSyXa?si=jXU0n1wDRBWk7AUEmcXYDQ&nd=1"},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"Listen to the podcast >","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"hyperlink"},{"data":{},"marks":[{"type":"bold"}],"value":"","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"},{"data":{},"content":[{"data":{},"marks":[],"value":"","nodeType":"text"}],"nodeType":"paragraph"}],"nodeType":"document"}

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