Jun 7, 2023

Welcoming Kaiser Permanente to the Noyo carrier network

Kaiser is joining the Noyo carrier network as a Sync carrier™, offering the full capabilities of Noyo’s enrollment solution. Benefits software platforms can now use Noyo to manage each step of policy administration for Kaiser-supported health plans.

Ty Gowen

We are pleased to announce that Noyo now offers Kaiser Permanente on our carrier network. Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s largest medical benefits provider, now serving over 12.7 million members. Kaiser is joining the Noyo carrier network as a Sync carrier™, offering the full capabilities of Noyo’s enrollment technology like faster group setup times, proactive issue detection, and confirmed member changes.

HR and ben-admin software platforms can use Noyo’s enrollment solutions to manage each step of policy administration for Kaiser supported health plans (medical, dental, and vision). This includes enrolling members, managing ongoing eligibility, and completing open enrollment and renewal. Integrating with Noyo eliminates the need for EDI files and other manual enrollment systems, reducing high-impact operational work behind-the-scenes.

To learn more, we've put together a connection guide that covers the key benefits of connecting to Kaiser with Noyo, frequently asked questions, and how to get started.

Kaiser Permanente will join a growing number of tech-forward insurance carriers prioritizing real-time benefits data and modern user experiences with Noyo, including Ameritas, Beam, Guardian, Humana, Unum, and more.

Some of the benefits of using Noyo’s enrollment solution to connect carriers and streamline policy administration include:

  • Fast, easy integration: Quickly activate a leading API experience that's consistent across all carriers on the Noyo network. Exchange data in a simple, standard format that supports all types of member changes (new hire, QLE, demographic, terms, retros, etc).

  • Faster coverage: Noyo reduces the time to get groups connected and enrolled in coverage to days, not weeks. 95 percent of member enrollment changes sent through Noyo reach the carrier within fifteen minutes; most are completed instantly.

  • Fewer coverage issues: Noyo prevents bad data from reaching the carrier. Additionally, automated features like round-trip confirmation™ and proactive auditing™ detect issues before they impact billing or access-to-care.

  • High automation rates: Noyo’s top-performing carriers automate 90% of member transactions end-to-end, reducing work for ops teams and brokers. Imagine if the majority of work during open enrollment season was automated.

Today, 89% of mid-sized employers are using a digital platform to manage enrollment, and 75% of broker agencies are pitching benefits technology when going after new business. Both employers and brokers are prioritizing benefits products that connect to modern software and offer a faster, easier, more automated experience.

Noyo is proud to support Kaiser Permanente and other industry-leading carriers with technology that delivers the modern, real-time benefits experiences the market expects.

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