May 16, 2022

What three lessons are most important to Noyo’s new VP of Product?

Three key lessons are guiding me as I create a strategic plan for the evolution of the Noyo product.

Elaina O'Mahoney

As Noyo’s brand new (and first ever!) VP of Product, I’m thrilled to be joining the organization at such an exciting time. Not only does Noyo have an impressive roster of customers who are eager to modernize benefits and a set of investors who truly understand the company vision, the company has also built an incredible team of smart, driven people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This is my favorite time to join a company because I get to help continue innovation and to lead the Product team through a rapid growth phase. 

In fact, this will be the fourth time I’ve led a Product team through a high-growth period. Throughout my career, I’ve seen how many different ways there are to achieve success. Not all hyper-successful companies use the same formula, but there are clear ways to get it wrong:

  1. Failing to put the customer at the center of everything. Companies that lose customer centricity end up building products that don’t get adopted.

  2. Losing sight of the company vision. Without a vision, your roadmap leads nowhere. 

  3. Neglecting to hire (and develop) the right people. Your product is only as good as the team who’s building it!

My first priority will be adding members to our Product team, and making sure we are sourcing candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds. Not only do diverse teams create better outcomes for the business, it’s also important that Noyo’s Product team represents many different viewpoints, including those not traditionally heard from in the benefits industry.

Noyo is connecting a dual-sided market in a fast, efficient, and accurate way using APIs. By deeply understanding the relationship between benefits providers and administration platforms, we can solve pain points on both ends. Our recent funding round accelerates the Product team’s ability to solve the big problems facing our partners. We will:

  • Expand our industry-leading APIs with new endpoints for insurance carriers.

  • Save our benefit platform customers time by providing them with technology-forward tools to manage changes quickly and autonomously. 

  • Provide analytics and actionable insights to our customers they can’t get anywhere else.

  • Continue to eliminate enrollment issues in a meaningful way with our ability to sync data between the benefits platform and carrier system.

In the long term, Noyo’s technology will serve as the network infrastructure for every aspect of managing employee benefits. We imagine a world in which benefits data is secure, accessible, and freed from the constraints of outdated systems. My team is already laying the groundwork to support this vision, which includes plotting a course for handling processes like dispensing commissions, managing payroll, and automating other behind-the-scenes processes. 

Technology has made so many parts of our lives better and easier, it’s well past time that happened with benefits. I am so excited to see the Noyo product portfolio – and the Noyo Product team – continue to grow and lead the way.

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