Jan 11, 2024

5 examples of how Noyo absorbs difficult work for ben-admins

Noyo takes on all of the work to maintain and upgrade a broad network of carrier integrations. As carriers make changes behind the scenes or release new products and features, Noyo ensures connected ben-admins get a seamless experience without having to invest their own technical resources to support each carrier..

Tristen Stawicki

The magic of Noyo is how our tools, technology, and automation work together to make life easier for ben-admins. Whether that’s delivering a modern enrollment experience, upgrading carrier connections, or monitoring coverage in real-time, our solution absorbs difficult work for ben-admins across operations, engineering, and beyond.

Curious what that looks like? Here are five examples:

1. Seamlessly adding new products and lines of coverage

Adding new benefits the traditional way (via EDI) or with direct connections puts the onus on ben-admins to absorb development work and costs associated with changing their file structures or backend systems to include new plans. 

With Noyo, ben-admins never have to build to new specs or block engineering time to update their systems:

  • Noyo takes on all necessary development work with our network of carriers and there is never new development work on the connection to Noyo to access new products.

  • For ben-admin partners with groups who have been sold new products, the Noyo experience is as simple as enrolling members using the unique plan ID that’s returned from getting the group’s plans from our system.

  • All enrollments can be easily managed in the Noyo Command Center.

A great example of this is Noyo’s recent support of Beam’s new disability products powered by The Hartford. These are all available with no extra configuration required for ben-admins connected to Beam through Noyo.

2. Eliminating separate data formats and processes for different carriers

Since every carrier handles member information in different ways, it can take a whole array of processes, EDI files, portals, error reports, spreadsheets, and email chains just to keep track of enrollments and coverage changes. In addition, ben-admins must run a different process for every carrier and maintain fluency in their bespoke needs as carriers make process changes.

Ben-admins using Noyo get a unified API experience that’s the same for every carrier in the Noyo network, no more separate operational processes. This includes:

  • A simple, standard data format that supports all benefits use cases, including enrolling new hires, sending open enrollment elections, and adding dependents.

  • One central tool for getting a bird’s eye view of all enrollment data, making member changes, managing discrepancies, and more (versus separate carrier portal logins).

  • Noyo takes on all the work of supporting and improving each carrier connections, so our ben-admin partners don’t have to.

Ben-admins are now able to explore live carriers in the Noyo network, see who is coming soon, and access key information on LOCs and their groups in the brand-new Carriers page in the Command Center.

3. Simplifying complicated error reports

There’s a ton of work involved for ben-admins when they are dependent on carriers to report issues through error reports (typically XML/CSV). Not only do many carriers struggle to generate error reports quickly or reliably, analysts are often required to initiate reports and/or interpret them.

With Noyo, ben-admins enjoy automation and tools that streamline issue detection and resolution, including:

  • The Noyo Enrollment Engine, which works behind-the-scenes to continuously clean, audit, and transmit data and prevent errors before they happen.

  • Discrepancies, a feature powered by our Sync technology that highlights data mismatches as soon as they happen. Noyo is able to resolve most issues internally, the rest we surface on the affected member’s page in the Command Center for the ben-admin to address.

As a Sync carrier, Ameritas offers these advanced data capabilities to ben-admins like PlanSource to prevent errors, catch issues quickly, and ensure accurate eligibility and policy administration for mutual customers.

4. Automatically handling file configuration spec changes

Carrier integrations must be maintained as new data formats, business logic, and other requirements for processing enrollments are introduced by the carrier. This operational work can add up quickly across multiple carriers in a network.

With Noyo, ben-admins rest easy knowing we’re on top of any carrier file configuration changes as soon as they’re needed:

  • With Noyo Send connections, ben-admins don’t have to spend time configuring, testing, and maintaining files and other manual systems.

  • They also don’t need to be fluent in each carrier’s unique data schema and workflows.

  • Groups are automatically moved to upgraded data formats and monitored for issues without ben-admins having to lift a finger.

5. Managing API versions and security updates

Just like file configuration specs, API versions and security updates evolve over time. Tracking these details across a wide network of carriers consumes engineering and operations resources for ben-admins that could otherwise be focused on improving the product experience.

Noyo manages all security updates and API versions on behalf of our ben-admin partners:

  • We design and build for each carrier’s specific capabilities, whether endpoints, files, or a mix of the two.

  • We manage all upgrades, security, and connection maintenance so ben-admins don’t have to think about these time-consuming tasks.

  • Our commitment to partnership with each carrier in our network means we’re able to ensure they stay compliant in key domains.

Noyo takes security and compliance very seriously. We go above and beyond across six core areas of data protection, including being SOC 2 Type II audited, ensuring data is encrypted in rest and in transit, and using short-lived API tokens.

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